Parallel Worlds Studio

Parallel Worlds Studio:

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Wavemountain studio equipment list:

Analogue (semi-modular synths, monosynths, polysynths, string machines, drum machines):

ARP 2600 mk2 synth with 3604P keyboard
ARP Odyssey mk3
Korg MS-20 monosynth, VC-10 Vocoder
Korg PE-1000 Polyphonic Ensemble with Korg S-2 dual footswitch
Roland System-100 (101)
Oberheim Xpander polysynth
Oberheim OB-Mx (6-voice) polysynth
Korg Trident mk1 keyboard/synth
Moog Opus 3 strings synth
Roland TR-606 Drum Machine (modified with Analogue Solutions tonal mod Box & individual outputs)
Boss DR-55 Drum Machine
Korg SE-500 Stage Echo
Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Analogue Modulars:

EMS VCS3 mk1 modified with added VCO Sync, PWM inputs)
EMS DK1 keyboard
Technosaurus Selector System-D modular
Analogue Systems RS-Integrator modular (four 6U racks)
Serge Modular Music System (13 panels)
Buchla 200e Electric Music Box (8 panels)
Analogue Solutions Concussor modular (6U rack - mostly drums)
Doepfer A-100 / euro modular (two 3U racks, twelve 6U racks, one 9U portable cases)
extra modules mounted into the A100 / euro frames:
Cyndustries ZerOscillator, MakeNoise, MOTM, 4ms, Intellijel, Synovatron. Modular (10U rack)
MOTM Modular (20U rack)
Moon Modular (10U rack)
Metalbox /CGS Modular (12U rack)
Blacet Research Modular (12U rack)
Roland System-100m Modular
Oberheim 4-Voice SEM Modular (20U rack)
Three external LDR custom boxes for use with the two light to CV Doepfer A100 modules
many hundreds of mini-jack, banana and big-jack patch cables...

Digital / Hybrid:

Waldorf Microwave wavetable synth (with VCF's / VCA's) with Access programmer
Korg Wavestation keyboard wave-sequencing synth
Yamaha FS1R advanced FM synth
Yamaha TX-516 FM synth and BC2 Breath Controller
Korg Electribe S mk1 sampling drum machine
Korg Electribe S mk2 sampling drum machine
Korg Electribe SX sampling drum machine
Nord Modular Rack (Expanded) Virtual Modular
Waldorf Microwave XT wavetable synth

Emu EMAX II rack HD (8MB) plus Zip100 drive
Roland S-750 (18MB each) (x2) plus Zip100 drive, Apple CDROM drive, monitor.

Kenton Pro-Solo midi to cv
Kenton Pro2000 midi to cv
Doepfer MCV24 midi to cv
Anatek Pocket Merge midi merger, Pocket Breath bc to midi
Yamaha YME8 midi thru box
M-Audio CO2 Optical/Coaxial Converter

Mixing / Recording:
Mackie HR-624 active monitors
Yamaha HS80M active monitors
Yamaha MG32/14fx mixing console
Sony DPS-R7 Reverb
Sony DPS-D7 Modulation/chorus/flanger
Roland SDE-330 Dimensional space delay
Roland SDX-330 Dimensional expander
Behringer Edison, PX2000 Patchbay (x2),
Denoiser 1000, Denoiser 2000, Composer, Valve mic pre-amp, Dualfex.
Sony DTC-790 DAT
Shure SM58 Mic

Computers / Software:
N.I. Reaktor 5 software modular, Ableton Live 8 Suite,
Sony Laptop (Intel Core i5, 4GB) plus MOTU Micro Lite midi interface, and MOTU Audio Express
HP Laptop (Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.8Ghz, 1024MB) plus M-audio 2x2 midi interface.
Atari 1040 ST

and some pics (not updated) :

Doepfer A100, Analogue Solutions Concussor, Korg PE1000, Roland TR-606

light show

Oberheim 4 voice modular, Korg MS system, Roland system 100m

Roland System-100 and ARP Odyssey

Technosaurus Selector system-D

Serge Modular Music System

Korg Trident, SE-500