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Existence (CD)(2003) Rubber Recordings. 

Insight (CD)(2004) Shima Records. 

Far Away Light (CD)(2005) Shima Records.

Obsessive Surrealism (CD)(2007) DiN.

Shade (CD)(2009) DiN.

Circo Divino (with Alio Die) (CD & LP)(2010) Hic Sunt Leones.

Exit Strategy (with Ian Boddy) (CD) (2011) DiN.

Morphogenic (with Dave Bessell) (CD) (2012) DiN.

Elusive Metaphor (with Alio Die) (CD) (2014) Hic Sunt Leones

World Adapter (with Self Oscillate) (CD) (2015) DiN


Deep Tones 01 (CD) "Silver Daylight" Rubber Recordings.

Cool, Calm And Collected (2xCD) "Black hole Shaped Heart" (2000) Rubber Recordings. 

Deep Tones 01 (CD)(2003) "Logic" Rubber Recordings. 

Loopsmooth.Chapter.One - Once Upon A Time (CD)(2003) "Optimistic" Loopsnoo Records.

Rock and Roll music magazine cover CD, September 2004 issue(CD)"Never Again"(2004).

Special CD Sampler E-Dition #7 (CD)(2005) "Detailed Matter" E-Dition Magazine.

Special CD Sampler E-Dition #9 (CD)(2005) "Night Wind", "Summer Wonders" E-Dition Magazine.

Special CD Sampler E-Dition #10 (CD)(2005) "Dreamstate", "Soulgates" E-Dition Magazine.
Chrysalid:Musicians For Katrina Relief compilation (2xCD)(2005) "Holding On"

Schwingungen Auf CD # 11/2005 (CD)(2005)
"Fading Memories"

Schwingungen Auf CD # 3/2006 (CD)(2006)

Schwingungen Auf CD # 7/2006 (CD)(2006)
"Detailed Matter"

Believe in Sound (SONIK Magazine cover cd) (CD)(2006) "Expectations" Sonik October 2006 Issue

Schwingungen Auf CD # 4/2007 (CD)(2007)
"Beneath Fear"

Ikude (CD)(2007) "Purple Skyline" Shima Records

Muzine 03 - White Mood  (CD) (2008) "Increasing Complexity" Muzine February 2008 Issue

iNDEX03 (DiN30) (CD)(2008) "Beneath Fear" "Distracted" DiN.

iNDEX04 (DiN40) (CD)(2012) "Soliloquy" "Shade" "Frightening Frontiers" "Impresario" DiN.

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