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Links to various interesting sites:

Music Magazines and info (including On-line):
E-dition electronic music magazine (Netherlands)

Electroambientspace (electronic music on-line magazine)

Encyclopedia of Electronic Music (Russian important EM resource)

Morpheus Music (website featuring various Atmospheric, Ambient, Down-tempo music artists) (all about Synthesizers + Sequencers in english und deutsch)

Sequences electronic music magazine (UK)

DiN (UK)

Shima Records (UK)

Rubber Records (GR)

Groove Unlimited (NL)

CUE Records (DE)

Electronic Music Artists:
Self Oscillate (IDM /Ambient music)

DRON (electronic music from Germany)

Signalform (IDM / Ambient music)

Nattefrost (synthesizer atmospheric music from Denmark)

Create (electronic music)

Astrogator (electronic music)

Pete Namlook

Steve Roach

Robert Rich

Ian Boddy

Zen Paradox

Synthesizers and Modular makers:
Doepfer Musikelektronik

Analogue Systems

Analogue Solutions

Electro-Acoustic Research




EMS - Electronic Music Studios

Macbeth Studio Systems

RL-music (UK source mainly for second-hand synths)

Electronic Music Radio Stations and Shows:
Galactic Travels (US)

AM-FM show

Elektroland (with Bjorn Jepessen)

EMC Web Radio

Go to Sound Radius

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